PFA Lining Ball Valve BL series
15A to 150A J10K Flanged
PFA lined ball valve
AE1BL photo TADBL photo MABL photo
AE BL type TAD BL type MA - BL type

  Chemical resistance is outstanding such as acid, alkali, corrosive fluid because of PFA lining.
  PFA resin can be used the heat resistant for the fluid of the high-temperature.
  PFA resin does not contain a toxic substance and is safe without color pollution to the fluid.
  PFA resin is high non-adhesiveness and does not cling the fluids, and be safe.

Valve Specifications

details : Electric , Pneumatic , Manual
Valve type BL series
Design 2 way ball valve Full-bore
Connection J10K Flanged
Valve DN 15A to 150A
Fluids Water , Oil , Gas , Steam , Chemicals
Maximum Pressure 1.0 MPa
Materials Body : SCS13A (PFA lined)   Carbon-steel : (PFA lined)
Ball : SCS13A (PFA lined)
Seat : F-PTFE


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