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CM1Z photo Z series (November, 2010)
3 piece structure. Small dimension butterfly valve.

Disc material PPS resin. It boasts of the scale coating-proof that equals PTFE. Butterfly valve Z series on sale since December.

Pamphlet (PDF:775KB)
Z series 3-Piece Butterfly Valve

AE1BL photo BL series (June, 2010)

High realibity anti-corrosive and designed PFA lining ball valve BL series on sale since June.

CA photo CA series (June, 2009)

Super-mini and low price electric actuator CA series on sale since June.


LR series Ball Valve (March, 2009)

Flanged-end 3 way,L port type. The seat structure is a two view R-PTFE.
Various control selections are available and that keeps high reliability.

LAX series 

LAX series (April, 2007)

High quality low flow control valve on sale since May.

MH series

MH series (March, 2007)

High pressure type ball valve on sale since April.

Popular Products
AE/TE series

AE/TE series Ball Valve

It is the the best use for air-conditioning piping as the through going measure against dew condensation.
On/Off, Floating, and Control, 3 types of actuator can be chosen and it can respond to a various kinds of piping system.

SH series

SH series Ball Valve

It is composed of industrial valve for steam and high temperature fluid, full bore stainless ball valve.Can be used handle steam up to 1.0 MPa at 180°C.

GS series

GS series Ball Valve

Range ability 200:1 was realized to use U cut ball. It is high cost performance valve designed for long service life by trunnion structure and sheet spring.
Stable operation is possible even under a severe operating condition.

BR seies Ball Valve BR series Ball Valve

Stainless ball valve with stem seal structure that is maintenance
free and provides excellent durability.
VR series Ball Valve

VR series Ball Valve

V ported segment provides maximum versatility in control and take into stem spring.
With stem spring, packing wear and changes in pressure or temperature can be corrected automatically. Long service life and maintenance free.

TR series Ball Valve

TR series Ball Valve

Flanged-end 3 way,L port type. The seat structure is a two view R-PTFE.
Various control selections are available and that keeps high reliability.

T3/L3 series T3/L3 series Ball Valve

Long service life and the seal nature excellent in use of trunnion construction and seat-spring is realized.
DN series DN series Butterfly Valve

It is possible to use such as wide range of temperature including steam. Double centering structure and long service life.
It is suitable use for control operation. High performance valve with an excellent control ability.
Emergency Shut Off Actuator

Emergency Shut Off Actuator

In case of power failure, electric discharge from built-in capacitor
lets valve operate.

Pneumatic Actuated Valve

Pneumatic Actuated Valve

Piston incorporating wear ring prevents wear of sliding surface and offers superior durability.

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