Long-neck type Stainless Compact Motorized Ball Valve    AE/TE Series
15A to 25A Threaded End Rc Compact Motorized Ball Valve

  The best suitable for air-conditioning piping as to the prevent from condensation.
A heat conduction was stopped by Stainless. Moreover,
it is set to prevent from condensation in an actuator by setting the jointing -part with an actuator to engineering plastic.
Long -neck structure for a thermal construction work.
(It's best suitable for air-conditioning piping.)
On/Off floating-control at 3 types actuators can chosen and can be used at wide range of piping system.

Valve Specification .
Valve type AE series TE series
Design 2 way Ball Valve 3 way Ball Valve
Connection Threaded End Rc
Valve DN 15A to 25A
Fluid Water , Air , Oil , Gas , (Steam)
Maximum Pressure 1.0 MPa
Materials Body: SCS13A Ball: SUS304
Seat: R-PTFE
Stem seal: PTFE+NBR O-ring(AE) PTFE+FKM O-ring(TE)  (ST: PTFE+FKM O-ring)