Butterfly Valve Z series
15A to 50A Threaded End Rc , Socket
 CM1Z photo PNDZ photo MACZ photo
CM1 Z type PND Z type MAC Z type

Valve DN 15A to 50A lined up. It has small dimension size even butterfly valve.

3 piece structure such as the body and a cap will be another part.
Connection method can be selected and it is suitable for wide range of piping system.
Disc material is PPS resin. It boasts of the scale coating-proof that equals PTFE.
Resistant to corrosion, and achieved long service life.

Insert a seat and cast into a backup-ring, there is no overflow by negative pressure.

Various types of actuator can be selected,such as electric type , pneumatic type or other operation types. Manual handle can be possible to fixed every 10% opening angle because of midtap-lock structure.

Valve Specification

Classification Z series
Design 3 piece structure
Connection Threaded End Rc , Socket
Valve DN 15A to 50A

Water , Oil , Gas , Vacuum , Sea water , Chemicals

Maximum Pressure 1 MPa
Materials Body : SCS13A
Cap : SCS14A PVC : C-PVC
Ball : PPS
Seat: EPDM , NBR

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